Shanghai Sibang Conveyor System Components Co.,Ltd. Mainly produces belt connection button even conveyor belt buckle belt buckle manufacturer belt fasteners production enterprise

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About Us

Shanghai Sibang Conveyor System Components Co., Ltd

Sibang has a manufacturing operation area 5,000m2 equipped 52sets of machineries and 60 employees with a few year’s development. We focuses in manufacturing, research and development and sales of various conveyor belt fasteners, mechanical belt lacing tools, connecting pins, belt cutters and belt skivers.

Sibang offers conveyor fastens covering 19 varieties of 6 categories by our excellent R&D capability and manufacturing capacity, which leads us producing most advanced conveyor belt fasteners and belt lacing tools in China including heavy duty belt fastening system, hammering, manual lever and hydraulic belt lacing tools.

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Add: Building 3, 2317 Shengang Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, P.R.
China Phone: +86-21-67658051 Mobile :+86 18001986625 Fax: +86-21-67662380
Email: Contact Person:Kevin Ma